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Make memories, and something cool this Christmas.
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Come to us, or we can come to you!

We're able to host your unforgettable Christmas party anywhere in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham and Bristol. On-site wherever you're kicking off the party, or at one of our many partner venues across the region - we've got your Christmas party covered.

A unique Christmas party experience

A Paintvine Christmas Party is a fun, interactive, environment that your entire company or organisation will love. Its the perfect blend of creativity and conversation. Paintvine can cater to a number of different locations and settings, that make you feel comfortable, while still having an enjoyable night!

Uk's new favourite Christmas party

From 15 to 150 people, we've hosted hundreds of unforgettable Christmas parties across London.

Perfect for everyone

Paintvine is the perfect blend of creativity and conversation, anybody can pick up a brush and get painting. 

Your event, how you want it

We can cater to your companies preferences. On-site or off-site we have a range of options so that your Christmas party goes off without a hitch!

You'll always go home with more than just a buzz

Create memories, and something cool along the way. Paintvine is the perfect Christmas party choice for you this year.

  • How does it work?

    Pick a Date for the Event: Confirm a date and time with one of our friendly team. Confirm Numbers: Confirm numbers so we can send you an accurate quote and bring appropriate supplies for the event. Confirm a Location: We can host events on-site at a location of your choice or use a pre-arranged venue that we partner with. Show Up! All you have to do is show up at the appropriate time & location and we take care of the rest

    What does it include?

    - Approx. 2-hour step-by-step instructions led by one of our experienced artists. - All materials & supplies needed to complete the painting (canvas, paint, aprons, brushes etc.) - Photos and videos taken throughout the event and posted to our social pages and also packaged together and sent to event attendees. - A ton of fun exploring your creative side. - A one-of-a-kind masterpiece to take home with you. - No mess, we do all the cleanup & disposal for the event.

    What do I get to paint?

    You can choose to paint one of our featured and most popular paintings created by our one of our experienced artists. Alternatively, if you have something specific you would like to paint we can get it approved by the artist a week before the event so that he can practice painting the specific painting you would like to use.

    Your next unforgettable Christmas party

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