How do live streaming sessions work?

When you buy your live-stream session, we'll send you a link to the live stream directly to your email a few hours prior to your event. You can stream directly through YouTube to any device, including your smart TV. Here you can interact with your fellow painters and with our artist. The sessions will last approx. 1.5-2 hours long. You can log out and on whenever you like and the session will be recorded so you can watch it later.

How do on-demand session packs work?

These are pre-recorded lessons filmed in our studio. Session packs are available to stream to any of your devices, at any time. Including your Smart TV.

Do I need to buy the kits to join in on the live and on-demand sessions?

You don't have to use our kits, you're welcome to use your own art supplies or source them locally. Our kits include the most premium art supplies ensuring your online event will run smoothly. As an event based business supporting businesses like ours helps to ensure we can survive through this time of isolation so we can come out alive. While you don't need to buy one of our kits, your support if you do means a tremendous amount to us.

Do you do private virtual events? What are those?

At a time of isolation and distancing from one another, we're proud to bring you together with our fun virtual private events. These events are cast from our studio to your entire team through our easy to use streaming software. Your friends and colleagues can paint along, and interact with one another all online. Inquire about our private virtual events at

Streamed live or on-demand in your living room 🎥

In a time of social distancing and forced isolation from one-another. Paintvine Online brings you, and your friends from all around the world together online to create and hydrate while we all hibernate.

Bringing you together, when we're all apart

Interact with your fellow painters through our online platform. Take it at your own pace or speed up. Its really up to to you. Tailored for adults and kids alike. Our Live streamed or on-demand sessions are easy to access, and getting started is easy. Enjoy all the fun and interaction of a Paintvine event from the safety of your home. All Paintvine Online events are held through our online streaming platform and led by our Paintvine experts.

Get the gear 🎨

Purchase your exclusive Paintvine gear below, from acrylic to watercolour we have you covered.

Pick a pack or an upcoming live stream 🖥️

Buy one of our on-demand packs or get a ticket to one our live streaming sessions.

Lets connect and create! 🖼️

Easy streaming at your home, interact with your peers online.

Tailored to you interactive private and team events

At a time when we're all isolated from our friends and team members, bring your company together online with our tailored-to-you live streamed and interactive virtual events for your company or team. Enquire below in the footer below or at

  • Virtual Live Streamed + On-Demand Painting Classes 🎥

    On Sale £29.00 Regular price £45.00

    On Sale £29.00 Regular price £45.00

    Unlimited On-Demand Access

    🎥 On-Demand Access for 12 mths


    On Sale £29.00 Regular price £45.00

    On Sale £29.00 Regular price £45.00

    On Sale £29.00 Regular price £45.00

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    Bring your company together online with our unique live streamed and interactive virtual events
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